Don't Let Go (until you're sure)

This is a very important chess rule, when you move your chess piece and let go, you're beyond the point of no return.  The move is final.  Now, if you move it to a square and keep your finger on top while pondering the genius or folly of the move, it's okay to backtrack and decide on a different move.  So be certain about your move before you let go!

Una din putinele reguli care imi plac.


  1. Deci, nu. Nu, nu, nu!

    Ai pus mana pe-o piesa, pe aia o muti. A atins tabla, acolo ramane! No backsies ... that way the player can return from a dumb move ... you eighter do it in your head, or just do it.
    *Golden rule by which I lost a long time ago .... my rage needs to fall upon others in the same manner!

  2. Ai uitat sa faci MWAHHHAHHAHA :D

  3. malfunction in ze brain it seems ... but yes, yes god damn it, yes!!!

    Are you pondering what I'm pondering?


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